Friday, August 15, 2014


We will be attending the Bike Cult Expo this weekend in New York City. We are closed on Friday (August 15th) and Saturday (August 16th). We will reopen on Monday (August 18th). 

Always improving and expanding to offer you more products and services. 

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Meade 2.0 - Bike Ride for Ice Cream

Temple News photo journalist, Alex making sure he brought the batteries for his camera while Mike did a quick pose. Caught a glimpse of Nana and Crystal dancing in the background.

Mike and Elijah fixated on a bike helmet.

Group photo with the gang, Tatiana, Alex, Crystal, Mike, Nana, Lerica, Mr. Cullen, Elijah & me

Topping it off with some ice cream from Philly Flavors on Fairmount Avenue. That's how we roll. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DAY 1 at Meade Elementary's Safe Routes Philly Program

Chillin while waiting for the afternoon rush

Today marks the first official day for the "Safe Routes Philly" program at Meade Elementary on 18th and Oxford in North Philadelphia. The program is sponsored by the City of Philadelphia via the Philadelphia School District and this is our second year as the official bike shop supplying spare parts, accessories and repairs for the bikes the kids will be using for the program.

While Paul and Conrad held the fort, Mike and I geared up for our first activity. Based on the syllabus we put together, the classes were broken down into several chapters and each day consists of activities that cover bike mechanics, bike fits and urban riding basics. 
Setting up the goods and Mike tinkling with his camera while waiting for the kids
Mike and I showing Tatiana and Crystal how a linear brake works
Tatiana proved to be a fast learner and later said "I GOT THIS, LET ME TRY!!"
One of the ABC's of bike mechanics (A is for Air, B for Brakes and C for chain or drive chain) Showing them how to use an air pump and gauge the right PSI (per square inch) or air pressure to fit the tube and tire 
Erica, Crystal and Elijah tag-teaming on a stubborn tire 
Tatiana: I said I got it!!
Mr. Cullen didn't want to miss out on all the fun and helped Elijah while Crystal was distracted by Tatiana's cry for help
OK, CROWD AROUND GUYS! Great kids, always down to pick up some new skills.