Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DAY 1 at Meade Elementary's Safe Routes Philly Program

Chillin while waiting for the afternoon rush

Today marks the first official day for the "Safe Routes Philly" program at Meade Elementary on 18th and Oxford in North Philadelphia. The program is sponsored by the City of Philadelphia via the Philadelphia School District and this is our second year as the official bike shop supplying spare parts, accessories and repairs for the bikes the kids will be using for the program.

While Paul and Conrad held the fort, Mike and I geared up for our first activity. Based on the syllabus we put together, the classes were broken down into several chapters and each day consists of activities that cover bike mechanics, bike fits and urban riding basics. 
Setting up the goods and Mike tinkling with his camera while waiting for the kids
Mike and I showing Tatiana and Crystal how a linear brake works
Tatiana proved to be a fast learner and later said "I GOT THIS, LET ME TRY!!"
One of the ABC's of bike mechanics (A is for Air, B for Brakes and C for chain or drive chain) Showing them how to use an air pump and gauge the right PSI (per square inch) or air pressure to fit the tube and tire 
Erica, Crystal and Elijah tag-teaming on a stubborn tire 
Tatiana: I said I got it!!
Mr. Cullen didn't want to miss out on all the fun and helped Elijah while Crystal was distracted by Tatiana's cry for help
OK, CROWD AROUND GUYS! Great kids, always down to pick up some new skills. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Meet the Kayuh Crew

From Left to Right: Mike, Conrad, Paul & Izzat

Izzat Rahman - Transferred to Temple's Fox School of Business in 2009 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rahman studied entrepreneurship with a minor in management information systems. Throughout his two years there, he was active in student groups such as the Entrepreneurial Student Association (ESA) and interned at several start-ups such as Sandshack, TBar and Hydros Bottle. In his senior year, he wrote a business plan with the help of his Malaysian friend, Churhile Corneluus. The emerged as the top 4 finalists in Fox's annual business plan competition. Despite not winning, Rahman later interned at another start-up, Color Wheel Bike Studio and met Paul Hill, who is now Kayuh's head mechanic. Rahman eventually opened up Kayuh Bicycles with the help of his sister, Zihan and Hill in the summer of 2012. 

Paul Hill - A local native from the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, Hill's mechanical aptitude is known far and wide especially among his peers. Having served in the Air Force during the Vietnam era, Hill is fondly known as "Master Link" due to his superior knowledge in mechanics and problem solving. Aside from mechanics, he spent a great deal of time as a photographer, carpenter and race car driver back in the day. Hill is one of the few remaining mechanics from the well known Philly bicycle trade. Having started at Frank's Philadelphia Bicycle Co. in the late 1980s, Hill was the manager and head mechanic until the passing of Frank in the early 2000s. After more than 30 years in business, it closed down leaving a legacy that could never be forgotten among the North Philly dwellers. Hill left the trade until he met Rahman in 2012. Hill is currently the head mechanic and manager at Kayuh.

Conrad Tombler - Tombler is originally from Bethlehem, PA and moved to the city in the early 2000s. A well-known BMX rider who has been riding and fixing up bikes since he was in his teens, Tombler is now an apprentice at a popular tattoo parlor in Northern Liberties. In his spare time, he paints, does murals, ride/fix bikes at Kayuh and sells his artwork to people that appreciates his unique skill. Fans and friends can follow him on Instagram by looking up Conradism. Tombler works in sales and is a mechanic at Kayuh.

Mike Segaline - Segaline currently resides in Brewerytown and after moving to Philadelphia from Bensalem several years ago, he brings his previous working experiences with him. Having worked as a machinist in a machine shop for quite some time and the restaurant business, his interest lies in the repair industry primarily bicycle repairs. What started as a hobbie and commuting routine, he quickly turned it into a business by converting his basement into a bicycle repair shop and started fixing up bicycles and selling them to friends and strangers. He is currently studying Chemistry at Community College of Philadelphia. Segaline works in sales and repairs alongside Tombler.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cranksgiving 2013 - Charity Bike Race Benefitting Philabundance

CJ taking a picture of his steed and Penn Treaty Park

while Gary took down rider's info and handed out numbered spoke cards

 Pretty good turnout despite the cold, it was about 30 fahrenheit 

Steve (far left), first time taking part and took 3rd place. He's also a mechanic from Via Bicycles.

It's time, Gary makes an announcement about rules and was about to hand out the manifests aka maps

The manifest, (taken from last year's Cranksgiving 2012), I added this just to give you an idea. Reminds me of Amazing race. Different checkpoints scattered all over the city

That's me running ahead of everyone else…KAYUHH!!

 One of the checkpoints in South Philly, Pathmark I think

The checkpoint, Melissa was kind enough to bake her famed vegan cookies. These guys, were going over their receipts and listing down the locations where they got their stuff from. 

We collected a whopping 600 pounds

Prizes sponsored by yours truly, Ethnotek bags, Fiks: Reflective, Fairmount Bicycles, Chrome Bags, Oury Grips and more



 The winners

Many thanks to CJ, Gary, Melissa and the rest of the gang for helping out. 

Photos courtesy of CJ Arayata